Best Author of Horror Book Series

Horror book series will never be that good and thrilling without its imaginative and creative author. Do you want to know the best horror book series author that makes your heart pump every time you read their piece? Well, this article will let you know everything about them. Here is the list of the best author of all time.

  1. Helen Oyeyemi

Helen Oyeyemi is the author of the White for Witching. The writing style of the said author falls in magical realism. She also wrote scary and dark fables, which will trigger your fear.

  1. Victor Lavalle

Victor Lavalle has written novels and horror stories which have surreal, strange and quirky characters. He has his writing style, which makes his piece different and unusual compared to other authors. One of the best-selling books that he wrote is “The Ballad of Black Tom.”

  1. Lauren Beukes

The works of Lauren Beukes is extra supernatural when it comes to a fictional character. The stories that the writers wrote is extraordinarily terrifying and convoluted. Her horror book, which is the Broken Monsters, is one of the scariest books she has written in her whole life. Some of her stories include fictional situations like the dilapidated wreckage of Detroit. She also has stories which are about time traveling serial killers in Chicago.

  1. Stephen Graham Jones

Stephen Graham Jones is an American horror author who contributes a lot in the fictional world. You will surely enjoy every piece that was written by him. His story always focuses onthe monster and being others to many people from a social perspective. His first book is entitled “The Ones that Got Away.”

  1. Tananarive Due

Tananarive Due is good in African mythology style of writing. Her stories are incredibly creepy and heart trembling. Her first horror story written is “The Good House.”

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